Mobile Phones Portal PHP Script

Make your own Mobile Phones Website like GSMArena or PhoneArena in a few minutes. You can add devices (phones, tablets...), image galleries, video galleries, prices, reviews, news, compare devices and many more features.

Update: August 04, 2021. New version available: Mobile Phones Portal v3.1. Changelog:
  • Update to Laravel version 8.3
  • Device prices: you can set the currency
  • New role: manager. Managers can manage content only (news, reviews, prices, devices, comments)
  • New role: registered user role. Registered users can manage own comments, ratings, can add devices to favourite list. Administrator can enable or disable users role.
  • Favourite list. Registered users can add devices in favourite list.
  • Google XML Sitemap.

Main features

Laravel 8

We use latest Laravel 8 Framework, the best framework to build secure web applications

Bootstrap Template

All our templates are full responsive, based on latest Bootstrap Framework


This script is PHP 8 Ready. Clear, secure and optimized code, easy to understand by any developer

Fully Responsive

Responsive layout - works great on desktops, tablets and mobile phones.

SEO optimised

Clean add valid code, SEO optimised template, SEO settings for each content in admin area.

Complete CMS system

Create custom pages, news, reviews, manage homepage sliders, users, prices, settings...

Powerful Admin Area

Manage anything in admin area: devices, brands, pages, news, reviews, comments, ratings...

Compare Devices

New and improved feature to COMPARE devices specifications. Live search suggestions enabled.

Prices and Dealers

Add unlimited prices and price dealers (with referrer code links) for every device.

Rating System

Rating System (star ratings) for devices, news and reviews. Manage ratings in admin area.

Powerful Search

Powerful search in site content (devices, news, reviews) with live search suggestions (with images)

Powerful Contact Page

Powerful contact page form, manage contact messages in admin area, create Google map...

Admins / Managers

Create unlimited admins or moderators accounts. Admins have access to everything. Moderators can manage content only.

Users Area

Accounts area for registered users to manage users content. Can be enabled / disabled from admin.

Monetize / Earn Money

Make money with site: add ads, create referrer links (in device prices), sponsorized articles

Mobile Phones Script DEMO

Front-end demo:
Admin demo:
Admin email:
Admin password: 12345678

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Here you can find the answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Important: Script works with PHP 7.3+ or 8.

Script is build using Laravel 8 Framework. The Laravel framework has a few system requirements. Read here the Laravel requirements.

The script can be installed only if you have an active license for your domain. A single license can be used for a single location. For example: if you have a license for "" script can be installed only in "" or any subdomain of "".

- You cannot sale or distribution (free or for a fee) this script or some piece of script code.
- The code of this script is forbidden to change and redistribute it (free or paid). You can change the script just for your own use and not to resell.
- In case you have multiple sites and you want to install the script on multiple sites, you will have to buy a separate license for each installation in different location. We gives discounts on the purchase of multiple licenses (please contact us for details.)
- You can delete / edit copyright link to only if you bought the license for a domain.

We have a tough policy against piracy and unauthorized distribution of our scripts without having this right given by us. Attempting to violate the Terms and Conditions lead to loss of license.

If you purchase and use the script, you declare that you agree to the terms and conditions of use and licensing.

There are 2 .zip archives
- "" contain framework, backend code and config files. You must unpack content of this folder on an folder that is not in your "public_html" main folder. For example, in your /home/ root folder.
- "" contain yor index start page along uploads folder and templates folder (for admin and frontend areas).


Create a folder "laravel" (or any name) outside "public_html" area. Example: "/home/[your_hosting_username]/laravel"

2. STEP 2

Unpack content of "" in the folder created above ("/home/[your_hosting_username]/laravel")

3. STEP 3

Create a database for your project and import tables included in "arena_gsm.sql" file

4. STEP 4

Configuration files are located in /app/ folder that is included in the above archive. You must edit application name, url and database connection. You can also use .env file to edit configuration details.

Please read Laravel documentation about this or contact us for install / configuration services.

5. STEP 5

Upload and unpack files from "" in your public root folder (usually "public_html" folder). If you install on a subdomain, upload this files in your root subdomain folder.


Now you must make connection from your main index.php fole to Laravel framework. Open "index.php" file and change:

- Original: require __DIR__.'/../vendor/autoload.php';

- Change to: require __DIR__.'/../arenagsm/vendor/autoload.php';

- Original: $app = require_once __DIR__.'/../bootstrap/app.php';

- Change to: $app = require_once __DIR__.'/../arenagsm/bootstrap/app.php';

Note that "arenagsm" is the folder that you create in step 1.


Because views (blade template files) are located in your public root, you must change the config so this views files to be loaded from this location.
- Go to "arenagsm" folder created in Step 1 and open view config file located in /config/view.php
- Change base_path to load files from your templates located in your public/templates.
Example: base_path('../public_html/templates')

8. Default admin email and passwords are:

Admin Email:
Password: 12345678

You can change this after you login in admin area, then go to your profile.

You can pay using the PayPal payment gateway. Usually, the script is available automatically for download, right after payment. In a few cases, we must manually review your transaction. This can take maximum 10 hours after your payment. If your Paypal payment email is different from your registration email, we will ask you to verify your Paypal email (we need a confirmation email to send from your PayPal email).

Refund Policy

Since phpArena is offering non-tangible and irrevocable digital products, we do NOT issue refunds after a purchase is made. If there is a problem with one of the digital download products or if you experience any difficulty with the download, we will fix the problem. Please check the demo for a script before you buy it. Please contact us if you have any questions related to templates.